Practical: Plan your Stories and Prepare for Ass 2

Identify two possible events that could be covered for Ass 2: 

The Livingstone Shire Councils’ website is surprisingly very good! I found a tab labeled Events and Engagement and was astounded at the events that are going on in our region. This weekend there is an Australian Film Festival at the Yeppoon Town Hall, and the weekend after is the Village Arts Festival.


Plan the coverage, and a little background knowledge: 

The film festival is held over the weekend kicking off with a Gala dinner on Friday night. It is run by the Keppel Coast Art Organisation and is the first Annual Film Festival they are holding. They have been hosting monthly film nights, and given there ever increasing popularity they decided to host an Australian themed film festival. The opening movie “Goldstone” will be introduced by lead actor and Rockhampton local Alex Russell. There will be four films shown in total, which will cater to the diverse range of film goers. It sounds like it will be a fantastic event to attend!

The Village Festival has been held annually since 2003, and showcases not only local talent but major National acts. This year the main acts, Pete Murray, Mark Seymour and James Reyne and James Morrison will be preforming on the recently refurbished Yeppoon Foreshore. Other smaller acts will be preforming at The Strand Hotel, Beaches Bistro and the Waterline Restaurant. The festivities will kick off on Friday the 12/08 and commence on Sunday 14/08. There will be food stalls, art workshops and of course an abundance of talent on stage.


Do these events require accreditation?

It would be assumed that the film festival will restrict camera use to outside the theatre. However I believe that there will be no issue in asking for quotes or photos with event organisers. The Village Festival doesn’t require accreditation either.

Main events:

The film festival has a Gala themed party on the opening night. Before the first movie commences they will offer champagne and canapés. They also have one of the lead actors introducing the film ‘Goldstone’.

The Village Festival has there events spread over the three days. The two main acts Pete Murray, Mark Seymour and James Reyne will be preforming at the Yeppoon Foreshore on the Saturday night. On Sunday night, James Morrison will conclude the festivities. Throughout the weekend there will be markets running each day from 9am, and loads of local talent preforming across the town.


Who will I get quotes/photo’s from? 

From the film festival I think it would be great if I could get a quote or photo with Alex Russell the actor from ‘Goldstone’. Any member of the Keppel Coast Art Org. would be great too.

The Village Festival has so many people involved with it! Of course I would try and track down one of the organisers, and a couple of performers would be excellent.


Kate Ames’ three main points as to why planning is important: 

  1. Time waits for no one
    • be prepared, know when the main events are on
    • find a schedule to figure out when things are happening
  2. Accreditation
    • find someone who is in-charge and ask if you can cover the event
  3. Research and adapt
    • do research before the event, to know what is going on


Early stage Planning: 

I plan on covering the Village Festival. At this early stage I don’t know my roster for work, but I will most likely be working during the days. So I will attend the festivities on Saturday afternoon/night. I will try and make the Mark and James performance, if not I will definitely watch Pete Murray’s.


Who will enjoy the Festival?

The Village Festival is an event for all ages. There will be such a wide range of performers, activities and stalls for everyone to enjoy. I am looking forward to attending the festival myself!



The Village Festival, 2016, The Village Festival, viewed 1st August 2016, 

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  1. Hi Maxine, I have not found any local (or semi-local) students to Rockhampton, other than you, who are posting on their blogs. I think your selections are great, they both have a unique appeal. I also found my events from the council website.
    Your writing style is very easy to read and flows well between topics. I only noticed two grammatical errors, both under the second paragraph of the title ‘main events’. In the first sentence I believe the use of ‘there’, should be written as ‘their’. The second sentence has no space between the words ‘acts’ and “Pete’. I hope you enjoy the festival. Cheers, Davina.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! should be interesting to read about the Village Festival, I’ve never been. The set out is very easy to read through and find what I was looking for which was the main events part. Very appropriate set out for Kate Ames’ three main points as to why planning is important, the effective implementation of these points in future planning will be very useful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done Maxine. You have gone into plenty of detail and work into planning your event to cover. I also noticed a couple of grammatical errors. Remember to read over your work, again and again and again. Overall, you’ve have a very good style of writing and attention to task requirements. Cheers, Aaron (tutor).


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