Practical: Establish a Storify account.

Okay first of all, what is Storify?

I have never heard about it before, ever. After I set it up, I browsed around so to say, and found some pages to follow. ABC News, Mashable and Storify seemed like good pages to follow. After looking at ABC News page, I couldn’t work out how it was different to a blog, or Twitter, or Facebook.

So how is it different? After doing a bit of soul searching of my Storify, I came across a ‘Getting Started’ post. I was reading through the post, and I couldn’t figure out how it was different, then I came across the part where you can embed anything from any social media site on the internet into your post. So that is kind of cool, but still why not just use Twitter or a blog?

I then read the top little blurb, and it said ‘Storify lets you curate social networks to build social stories.’ What I understand that as, you write a news story and basically quote social media posts into that story.

I still don’t understand what the point of Storify is.



One comment

  1. I feel the exact same way about Storify, I don’t get it’s purpose. Seeing as you made that thought the main point of the post, maybe you could research to see if you could find anyone explaining why they find the website useful, or comments from the creators to know what they had in mind for the usefulness of the site.


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