Technical: Complete Quiz 4 – Reporting Speech

The fourth quiz for the term was about reporting speech. It was actually really helpful in relation to our blog task for this week, as it was to conduct an interview. My first attempt…is too embarrassing to say what mark I got…let’s just say it was under 5/10. On my second attempt I received 8/10. The two questions I got wrong are below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.28.55 AM

Question three, the correct answer was option c. I’d like to use the excuse ‘I didn’t read the question correctly’ but I’m afraid to say I just didn’t get the question correct. I now understand after reading the feedback why the answer is wrong.

Question four, option d was the correct answer. The full stop should have been on the inside of the closing quotation mark.

I went back and scored a 10/10, I had to read read chapter 7 twice for the information to sink in…but I got there in the end!


One comment

  1. Hi Maxine,

    Enjoyed your reflection on the quiz.

    I found chapter 7 difficult as well. It seemed to go against what was taught in high school (that was a while ago though!). I thought the full-stop always went at the end of a sentence…I think I will keep that chapter handy.

    Good to see you have learned from the quiz.


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