Practical B

Who will be the audience?

The audience that I will be targeting will be Central Queensland locals that are interested in The Village Festival.  It will be a large target audience, ranging from teenagers to the older generations.


What might they learn about the event?

They will briefly learn about the history of the event, the main organisers and of course the main acts. They will be presented with a link to the festival website and a copy of the programme. There is also a Village Festival Facebook page that will probably be included in the article, for further evidence/information.


What needs to be included that will make the story interesting or have more impact?

I believe quotes from attendees or organisers will have the most impact on readers. Photos of the events will captivate the readers, and let them make a connection from the story to the actual event. Information about the performers and local food stalls will be included to give readers a sense of ‘being there’ without actually being there.


How will I structure the story?

I’m not 100% on how I am going to structure my story. I think I will probably start with the history of the event, then move onto what’s happening at the festival this year, then move onto what actually happened at the festival. Throughout the news report I will include quotes and photo’s.



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