Practical: Broadcast Script.

The following is a broadcast copy of the interview conducted in Week 4.




Here I have Molly Scott, 21 and Eilish Beck, 17. And they both agree that having a successful future is important. Presenter
Eilish said she believes that family and friends are equally important as having a successful future because “they keep me grounded and focused”. Eilish Beck Interview
When asked why having a successful future was important to Molly she said “I’m not just referring to work or money, but to having a great family and good friends”.
Eilish Beck, 17 agreed with Molly that having a successful future was important. “Family, friends, and remembering how blessed we are to live in Australia” were the top things that Eilish listed off.
After returning home from a volunteer gap-year at Camp Jubilee in Canada, 2013, 21-year-old Molly Scott said “it made me realise that I wanted to help children in need”. Molly Scott Interview
Currently in grade 12 at Heights College, Eilish prides herself on being a studious and athletic student. Participating in many extra curricular activities, she still finds time to hang out with friends and spend quality time with her sisters, and cousins. Eilish Beck interview
Molly also said “my parents have given me a lot in life, so I respect them a lot, hopefully one day I’ll be as good at parenting as they are”. Molly Scott interview
Eilish believes we are blessed to live in Australia, she said “we are so lucky to live in a country like ours, especially now with all the terrible things happening in the world”. Eilish Beck interview
It is clear that both Molly and Eilish have similar goals for a successful future, both include family and friends.  Presenter





  1. Hi, i think the content of your script is good i just find it a bit hard to read because of the layout on your page. Maybe focus on spaces and paragraphs. What you wrote is good so it is just about making it look like a script now.
    Hope that helps.


  2. Hi Maxinne, a very good attempt at this week’s practical (broadcast script). As you mentioned in your inquiry, tight writing is a must for broadcast so doing this could improve your copy. Overall, your inquiry into the main differences between print and broadcast media is excellent. Cheers, Aaron (tutor).


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