Practical: FakeComicCon Investigates Incident

2 June                                                                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

FakeComicCon Investigates Incident

FakeComicCon is working with authorities to investigate the fight that took place at their annual event in Brisbane earlier today involving 40 people.

The fight took place in the main hall of the Brisbane Convention Centre between Storm Troopers and Wolverine cosplayers.

Starting off as a play fight between the two groups, it quickly escalated to real violence. The Wolverines were wearing real knives on their hand, causing serious damaged.

Lasting approximately 20 minutes the fight left 12 people injured, 2 critical. Eight people were taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital. Two of these people, an 18 year old male from Brisbane and a 23 year old female from Townsville are in intensive care.

Queensland Police Spokesperson, John Smith said four people have been arrested on a range of charges related to weapons and assault.

CEO FakeComicCon, Casey Smith says we are very concerned for those involved, our immediate thoughts are with those who have been injured and their families.

“ComicCon series is to give people a safe place to come, play, and meet like-minded people” he said.

“An incident such as this is not in the spirit of our event, I am very upset that this has happened.”

FakeComicCon has run for three years in Brisbane without any incidents. With more than 30,000 people attending the 2015 Brisbane event alone.

The most popular events being the autographed photo signings with international stars.

FakeComicCon will continue to work with relevant authorities to investigate this incident to ensure it is not repeated.

John Smith said “At this stage, we can’t confirm any specific details but will investigate the matter fully.”


CEO Casey Smith is available for comment.  For further information please contact Jenna Jones, Communications Manager, FakeComicCon on 07 3001 1003.







  1. Hi Maxine,
    very well written media release. I am unsure of who you have quoted when you wrote, “An incident such as this is not in the spirit of our event, I am very upset that this has happened.” is it still the CEO? maybe this could be something to review.


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