Day in the life of a 21 year-old.


Molly Scott, full-time UNI student is slow to wake up on her days off. She has a day planned ahead of her, having lunch with a friend, studying and dinner with family.


After driving to Rockhampton, Molly decided to get coffee from Zarraffas and have a quick look in Kmart. She says “I only ever intend on buying one thing, then I get distracted”. ¬†After buying multiple things for her house, she went off to lunch.


Molly met her friend for lunch at The Two Professors in Rockhampton. She said her chicken burger was fantastic.


Heading home from Rockhampton; it takes about 20 minutes to get to Molly’s new house in The Pines, Yeppoon.


Yeppoon’s newest estate, The Pines has built a wonderful park that kids (and adults alike) can come and kick a ball around. Molly said ¬†“I enjoy the outdoors and living an active life”.


Molly rides her partners bike through the estate most afternoons.


One of the many purchases from Kmart; The Red Barron ( a kite). Molly tied the string to her handle bars and rode around the estate. She said ‘all the neighbours enjoyed seeing it, they thought it was very cool!”.


While cooking dinner Molly noticed that the clouds cleared there was a beautiful sunset on the back patio.


A classic Chinese card game, Mah Jong is enjoyed by her partner and mother. It was Molly’s first time playing and “it was such a different game, you can tell that most card games were derived from this”.


Molly’s evening ritual, checking all of her social media before putting down the phone and going to sleep.


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