Inquiry: Week 11

What are the problems with the article? 

The structure of the news article is repetitive and clearly out-of-order. Throughout the article it is evident that the article may have been updated, but with no time stamps it is hard to tell.

Does it meet the guidelines for reporting self-harm? 

Mind Frame says ‘the media has an important role to play in shaping and reinforcing social attitudes towards, and perceptions of, suicide and mental illness.’

It is recommended that pages should limit promo on of public memorials, including online memorial pages. Because inadvertently pages should not reinforce suicide as a desired outcome for people at risk of suicide.

Reporters should try and reduce the prominence of the story. This is based on research suggesting stories of self-harm attract the attention of people vulnerable to act in the same way, increasing their risk of attempts.


I believe that the article has met the guidelines for reporting self-harm.



Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists: twentieth anniversary edition, Routledge, Oxon.

Mindframe National Media Initiative 2014, Reporting suicide: a quick guide for the media, viewed 21 September 2016, 


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