Technical: There is no quiz this week!

Eleven quizzes down and 100% on each! That is a pretty good feeling.

I think the quizzes were a great learning tool, they made sure that we were on track by testing our knowledge on a certain chapter of the text.

The quizzes that I found hardest were ; quiz 4 (reporting speech) and quiz 3 (grammar: 10 common mistakes). Not only did I find these the hardest, but if I recall correctly I attempted the quizzes without reading the text first. Which was obviously a mistake, as all the answers lie inside the text.

I must admit I never received a perfect score on the first attempt…three weeks in a row I received 7/10 on every first attempt. The easiest quizzes would have to be Punctuation. There were two weeks worth, and I think by the end of both I had a firm understanding of where I should put a full stop!

The Media Writing course has improved my writing capabilities immensely. I think, that not only my grammar, but my writing style has developed over the courses duration. To be honest I was a little nervous about starting this course, I thought that I would not enjoy it one bit. I also thought that my marks would be horrible. Proved me wrong! This would have to be my favourite course this term, and one of my best marks.


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