Week 3 – Introduction

Part 1

Hi guys,

This is my second term using this blog, I did a Media Writing class last year and the blog was our main assessment. I will change the tabs around so there will be an option to click on this class or the other…

I am currently in second term of my first year of a Bachelor of Digital Media. With the course Professional Communication I hope to broaden my communication skills. Having worked in the hospitality industry for the past six years I know how important communication between employees is, and how miscommunication can often be disastrous.

Part 2

Our unit coordinator, Lyn Costigan made our orientation video engaging and explained everything in a manner that was relatable and understandable. The orientation video was concise, and covered everything from the weekly lessons to how the forums work. Lyn explained that the course put an emphasis on research, referencing, writing, speaking clearly and knowing what mediums to use. These skills will be used not only at University, but in the workplace as well. It is important to have a copy of the text book either the e-text or hard copy, it is required for tasks and assessments. Lyn suggested that students should check their emails regularly and log into the moodle site each week to go through the weekly tasks and watch presentations. The orientation video then went on to explain the different forums and what to use them for.


  1. Essay or Blog Script
    • 1500 words
    • due – 21/4/17 – 6:00pm
  2. Blog
    • 1000-1500 words
    • due – 19/5/17 – 6:00pm
  3. Group Report
    • 2000 words or 10-15 minute recorded presentation
    • due – 5/6/17 – 6:00pm

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