Week 12

Practical: Review your blog.

I received feedback from my tutor, Aaron, and he suggested that I work on my grammatical errors and punctuation.

I also noticed a couple of errors with style and punctuation that we can work on in class.

I also noticed a couple of grammatical errors. Remember to read over your work, again and again and again.

Throughout the past six weeks, I have been proofreading my work a lot more. And therefore picking up mistakes that I usually would have missed. I have enjoyed using a blog (for the first time) for an course, as I think it shows a journey throughout the term.


Technical: There is no quiz this week!

Eleven quizzes down and 100% on each! That is a pretty good feeling.

I think the quizzes were a great learning tool, they made sure that we were on track by testing our knowledge on a certain chapter of the text.

The quizzes that I found hardest were ; quiz 4 (reporting speech) and quiz 3 (grammar: 10 common mistakes). Not only did I find these the hardest, but if I recall correctly I attempted the quizzes without reading the text first. Which was obviously a mistake, as all the answers lie inside the text.

I must admit I never received a perfect score on the first attempt…three weeks in a row I received 7/10 on every first attempt. The easiest quizzes would have to be Punctuation. There were two weeks worth, and I think by the end of both I had a firm understanding of where I should put a full stop!

The Media Writing course has improved my writing capabilities immensely. I think, that not only my grammar, but my writing style has developed over the courses duration. To be honest I was a little nervous about starting this course, I thought that I would not enjoy it one bit. I also thought that my marks would be horrible. Proved me wrong! This would have to be my favourite course this term, and one of my best marks.

A Reflection.

What have you learned this term?

This has been my first term of university, and wow, I couldn’t have thought of a better class to take than Media Writing. It has taught (or re-taught) me the basics that I have quickly forgotten since high school.
What did you find most beneficial about the course?

The text English For Journalists has been the most valuable text book I think I have ever purchased. It not only covers the fundamentals of grammar and spelling, but it does so in a way that is engaging. The most valuable part of the course for me would be reading through the text book, and being able to apply what I have read to my work.


What was most challenging?

The biggest challenge that I faced was proofreading my work. I know that I have made many little mistakes throughout the term. Having the buddy system in place, where other students proofread your work and comment, was really helpful.
Has the course changed the way you practice or think about media writing? How/why not?

I believe I have come a long way since the start of the term. The text book English for Journalists will definitely have a permanent position on my desk, so I can easily refer to it. The course has definitely changed the way I think about media writing. Now when I read an article online I am able to apply what I have learnt during this course and ‘critique’ the article.