Technical: There is no quiz this week!

Eleven quizzes down and 100% on each! That is a pretty good feeling.

I think the quizzes were a great learning tool, they made sure that we were on track by testing our knowledge on a certain chapter of the text.

The quizzes that I found hardest were ; quiz 4 (reporting speech) and quiz 3 (grammar: 10 common mistakes). Not only did I find these the hardest, but if I recall correctly I attempted the quizzes without reading the text first. Which was obviously a mistake, as all the answers lie inside the text.

I must admit I never received a perfect score on the first attempt…three weeks in a row I received 7/10 on every first attempt. The easiest quizzes would have to be Punctuation. There were two weeks worth, and I think by the end of both I had a firm understanding of where I should put a full stop!

The Media Writing course has improved my writing capabilities immensely. I think, that not only my grammar, but my writing style has developed over the courses duration. To be honest I was a little nervous about starting this course, I thought that I would not enjoy it one bit. I also thought that my marks would be horrible. Proved me wrong! This would have to be my favourite course this term, and one of my best marks.


Technical: Complete Quiz 11

Style was the topic of quiz 11. The blog task sheet we were given this week said to read chapter 11 of Hicks english for journalists. I am fairly certain they meant Chapter 8, as 8 relates to style and 11 relates to figures.

Anyway, I read chapter 8 and received 9/10! That is my best score yet. Question 10 was the wrong answer, it was a simple true or false. I guessed the answer, and surprise! I got it wrong.

I really enjoyed reading about style, and I believe that as I have progressed through this course I have developed my own writing style.


Technical: Quiz – Punctuation

Quiz nine was all about Punctuation. Reading the text left me feeling a little confused. I never realised there were so many rules, and that I haven’t been applying them to my work.

I received a 7/10 on my first attempt. Which seems to be a reoccurring habit…

I got stuck on the last question:


I re-read the text, and it didn’t make sense at all. I read the feedback and that helped.


Technical: Complete Quiz 7 – Words

I found quiz seven to be very interesting. I enjoyed reading about words in chapter nine. There was one question that I found tricked me on my first attempt of the quiz:


After reading the feedback I realised that the word comprise means include, so the ‘of’ was not necessary. I can remember a few assignments when I have used the word ‘of’ when it probably shouldn’t have been there…

Technical: Complete Quiz 6 – Spelling

Without reading the text book first I got 5/10…

I went back and read the text, and read the feedback under the wrong answers. I then attempted the quiz again.

Second attempt got me a 9/10…

The question that I kept getting wrong was question seven.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.49.29 AM

I had to go back to the text book and re-read the section. I realised that practice was a noun and practise is a verb…


Technical: Complete Quiz 5 – Punctuation

Week five! How you’ve creeped up on us so fast! The fifth quiz is about punctuation, and after I read through the third chapter in the text I was amazed. I had no idea about the 10 common mistakes, and it was interesting reading about them. I finally scored 12/12 after the third attempt.

The two questions that I struggled with the most would have been:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.27.03 PM 1Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.27.20 PM

Question sixes correct answer was b. After I read the feedback I understood why placing the word common in-front of the word bond is unnecessary. However, I choose option a the first time because I believed there could have been a different type of bond other than a common one…

Question seven, I had to go back to the textbook and look this one up. I found that it was funny that it was classified under ‘pronoun abuse’. After I read the section I understood why it should have been ‘me’ and not ‘I’.